Monday, October 27, 2008

Philosophy of Teaching

I feel that art is important for so many reasons. First and most fundamentally, art is a valuable tool for communication. Through art children can express their ideas concerning what they understand of the world around them. Art also enables an open mind by helping people view one matter from many perspectives. Art is important in a school because it can help students and teachers, through interdisciplinary curriculum incorporation, understand other subject matters more thoroughly. When including elements and discussions from other classes into art dialogues and projects, children are offered another way of learning, another way of comprehending the information.

Beyond the school and classroom art is important to a community. It provides a link that connects all of society. Art is a language that is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, class, race, etc., and when we make art a part of our daily lives we feel more connected to not only various social and ecological issues in our society, but also to the other citizens therein as well. Helping children understand the language of art is a priority in my life.

Coming from a liberal arts background I have found that a balanced education has provided me with an open mind when it comes to interpreting and understanding the world around me. I believe that I have the potential to help other young minds develop in a similar way, and can effectively communicate the value of arts to various age groups. My goal is to facilitate to my students an understanding of art not only as a form of expression, but also as a tool for communicating values inherent in societies of the past and present.

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